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How I Chose The Best Company…

The reputations for some of the gold and silver custodians is checkered to say the least. When I first set up my Gold IRA and my Gold 401k, I knew I wanted to only work with the best in the industry. Customer service , reliability, and a trustworthy reputation was critical.

After doing much research on gold IRA companies’ experience, reputation and overall performance, I realized that these companies are all listed on consumer-focused sites such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB), TrusLink and the Business Consumer Alliance. It became easy to see which companies had a lot of complaints filed against them, of those, how many were rectified and how many were closed within the last 12 months. I was astonished when I learned that quite a few of the top names in the industry had many complaints related to poor customer service, low quality metals, have very pushy staff, many unexpected fees, an overall inefficient process, and push collectible (proof, numismatic, or rare) coins.

For an overall high quality, superior service, and streamlined process with a stellar company that’s sole specialty is precious metals IRAs who never pushes the overpriced, rare coins and offers a flat annual storage fee of $225 a year (with no charge for the first year), then the choice is Regal Assets. Visit their site and fill out the contact form now. They will contact you almost immediately and assist you with setting up your precious metals investments.

More Reasons To Choose Regal Assets

Other than the drastic contrast in reputations of the many custodians, Regal Assets was very easy to talk to and extremely adept in the precious metals investments market. More to the point, Regal Assets are experts on converting to a gold IRA. There was no pressure at all during the entire process. This coupled with their diverse knowledge on the market only solidifies my trust in them with my financial future.

The thing that caught me off guard was the stark contrast between Regal Assets and their competitors. I was actually under the assumption that I would have several companies to choose from, but this was not the case. The multiple 5 star ratings and so few complaints ever filed were evidence of a positive experience. This was proven for me after the first time they called me. With every subsequent conversation, their reputation was proven true. I had many conversations with Regal Assets about setting up my gold IRA and the entire process. My questions were answered in a very friendly manner and there was no pressure at all to purchase anything at all.

On the contrast, I did contact a few other companies before choosing to go with Regal Assets and experienced quite the opposite. Either I was pressured to purchase, rushed through my questions and conversations or just made to feel that I was not worth their time at all. On one call, the person I was speaking to was very condescending and had an air about them that made it seem they felt I was of a lower class than him since I was not as versed in gold investments as he was. This is not at all the type of experience I was looking for.

Regal Assets stood apart from the rest simply based on their customer service and professionalism. Then, after more research I found out that they are the tops in the industry for precious metal investing. The overall feeling I got was that they are confident enough in their abilities to be able to assist their clients in setting up their investments that they do not need to pressure anyone, as they know their customer service and results will take care of the sales process for them.

I strongly suggest that you visit their website by Clicking Here and fill out the contact form. They will call you and also set up delivery of their free gold investment kit to you.

Once you have decided to rollover part or all of your IRA or 401k you are solidifying your retirement portfolio for secured growth for years to come. The decision to invest in gold and precious metals is a big step, but not the last of critical steps to follow to ensure consistent growth. The next, and most important, decision is to choose the best company to handle your precious metals investments. The most important things to consider is how comfortable you are with working with a particular company and a company that will also provide the results you are looking for.

There are many companies to choose from to handle your physical gold IRA or 401k for you, but, as you may have already guessed, there are many factors to consider when choosing the custodian of your precious metals.

Simply put: Do not just arbitrarily decide!

What would you like to do?

Set Up Your Gold IRA Now

Read Reviews Of Precious Metals Custodians (See Below)

The decision to set up a gold IRA came naturally for me. The difficult part was the amount of research necessary to make the best possible choice. There was a lot of time-consuming digging and research that was involved in making the most informed decision possible. I have compiled my findings here to help you save time and relieve you of the aggravation of all the research involved in writing this review. I hope this aids in your decision-making and makes moving into gold and silver investments as easy and trouble free as possible.

There Are 3 Critical Components In The Process

Purchasing Gold (you must make sure you buy gold that is approved by the IRS)
Setup A Self-Directed IRA With An IRA Custodian
The Gold or Silver Must Be Stored Securely (In A Vault Or Depository)

*Fortunately for me, I was able to contact Regal Assets rather than stumble through the above three steps with little knowledge of the industry. I simply visited www.RegalAssets.com and filled out the contact form. I was contacted almost immediately and they helped me through the process. They took care of almost all of the work, which made my experience all the better. This made the entre process as simplistic and timely as possible. Not to mention, I was assisted by some of the top professionals in the business. There will be short-term fluctuations in the price of gold, but I now have confidence in knowing that my investments are secure and, as history has shown, should grow. I do not have issues with losing sleep at night worrying about my investments! Simply put, my investments are now backed by something real and not some digital blip on a computer screen, or in the volatile stock market.

Business Consumer Alliance Rating: AAA
BCA Complaints (3 Years): 2
BBB Complaints Since March: 0
Trustlink: 5 Stars
IRA Annual Fees*: Flat (No Fee 1st Year)
Website: Regal Assets